Wisteria, wild flowers and weddings. A rundown of spring at Birtsmorton Court.

At Birtsmorton Court, we have rather a lot to offer. Spring gardens filled with fresh blooms, bright, cool spaces in summer, low sunshine through rust-coloured leaves in autumn and frost covered waters in winter. It’s this choice that makes Birtsmorton Court one of the most unique wedding venues in Worcestershire.


It also makes it pretty tricky to choose your perfect wedding date, as although each season is very different in their offering, they are just as lovely as the next.

To help, we’ve put together four different blog posts, to highlight what you might find at this exclusive-use venue throughout the year –

First up is spring.
The gardens at Birtsmorton Court burst in to life and colour at the end of March when the daffodils begin to arrive. Snowdrops and primroses proliferate the wild flower meadow at this time, followed closely by a sea of bluebells and snake’s head fritillary, a gorgeous and bright bell shaped flower, making this meadow a perfect spot to have some of your wedding photos taken.


Other highlights around the gardens in April and May are several magnolia trees with white and pink scented flowers, tulip filled flower beds and alliums dotted throughout the gardens, with their showy blue heads.

By late April, a real statement piece of the gardens is the magnificent wisteria found on the Terrace, climbing its fragrant way up the front of the Court, creating an ideal backdrop for your guests to sip drinks following the ceremony, overlooking the waters of the moat whilst the swans with their signets glide by.


Later in May a laburnum arch can be located in the Potager, creating a tunnel of yellowy gold flowers catching the early evening sunshine. The beautiful blooms of peonies in the White Garden and herbaceous borders are also starting to make an appearance at this time, adding romance and glamour wherever they are found.

Planning a spring marquee wedding? Why not go for pastel colours to complement the weather and the flowers. We especially love warm pinks, peaches and mint hues which when brought together create a contemporary twist on a classic colour palate. A bouquet full of peonies is perfect for this time of year and colour scheme too. For your wedding breakfast centrepieces, why not consider a rustic look, with flowers displayed on wooden tree stumps, or loosely arranged in jugs.


For your wedding breakfast, make the most of the seasonal ingredients available at this time, such as asparagus from the Vale of Evesham and rump of West Country lamb. Bucks Fizz is a great drink for springtime too, refreshing and delicious!


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