Postponed wedding? Struggling to concentrate on your wedding plans? Our guide for getting back on track.

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2020, what a year it’s been. We’re not sorry to see this year draw to a close, it’s been an anti-climax, caused no end of strife and certainly kept us on our toes. Whilst this is a year that will no doubt stick around in our memories for some time, we’re moving forward stronger, bolder and more confident that we can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at us.

Whilst 2020 might have had its fair share of disappointments, it’s not been all bad.  We’ve hunkered down and learnt to appreciate each other and that close contact we have previously taken for granted.  We’ve found joy in simple pleasures.  We’ve made the most of being outside, come rain or shine. And we’ve celebrated plenty of engagements, because, no matter what, love always wins.

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2020 we thought it might be helpful for us to share with you a few ideas on how to get your wedding plans back on track if they have been derailed.  The uncertainty that has surrounded weddings has been upsetting and unsettling and we’re sure that even the most focused amongst you will have struggled to maintain direction over the past few months. We were beyond excited to see Boris discuss weddings during Prime Minister’s Question Time a week or two ago and for him to share his hopes that weddings will be back to as close as normal by Easter 2021, if not before.

With this in mind, it’s time to dust off your wedding planning book and to start to bring some positivity back to your big day plans…

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Did you get engaged in 2020, but haven’t made it any further than that? Fear not, this section is for you.

Our first tip, for those newly engaged venue hunting couples amongst you, is to discuss some ideas about what you want from your wedding and then use that to identify the style of venue that suits you in the right area.  Perhaps you are looking for a barn wedding venue, or a wedding venue with a church on site?  Perhaps you are looking for venues in the Cotswolds, or Worcestershire? Perhaps a venue with accommodation is most important for you?  Whatever it is, write the list together to help you both focus and avoid the Google overwhelm.

Read websites, check out social media accounts (you can see ours here, shameless plug), make contact, request a brochure, ask questions or book a viewing.  Don’t be afraid to ask a silly question, we know that you haven’t done this before.  We’re here to help.

Our advice would be to get your viewing booked in now, even if you don’t plan to visit venues until the New Year.  January is a notoriously busy time for new enquiries, so beat the rush and schedule your appointment to avoid missing out.  Like Birtsmorton, most venues will have more limited availability for the next few years as a knock-on effect of 2020, so if you’re after a popular day of the week or time of the year, don’t hang around.

If you’d like to arrange a viewing of Birtsmorton Court, click here.

If you have your venue secured, but haven’t done much else, now is a good time to investigate other suppliers too.  Ask your venue if they have a recommended supplier’s list for you to look at. You don’t have to use their recommendations, but it’s always a great place to start.


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Did your 2020 wedding get postponed and you’re not sure what to do next? Here’s our advice.

It’s ok if you have been in a bit of a funk about your wedding plans since you postponed from 2020 to a new 2021 date.  It takes a bit of adjustment but now is a good time to start to re-visit your plans and see what, if anything, might need to change slightly for your new date.

Perhaps the flowers that you had settled on for your summer wedding need a little re-think for your autumn date, or maybe if it’s going to be darker outside during your evening reception you could invest in some candles or lanterns to decorate.  Perhaps you moved your wedding from winter to summer and now fancy a BBQ with cocktails, rather than a three course meal with wine. And maybe time has just passed and some of the details you liked for your wedding in 2019 aren’t quite the same as the details you like for your wedding now.

It’s perfectly fine to change your plans. We get it.

Check in with your suppliers.  As wedding professionals, we LOVE meeting couples and chatting with them.  We’re people people, that’s why we do what we do.  For us, 2020 has been pretty lonely! We’d love nothing more than an email just to say hi, with an update on your wedding plans and how things are going with your new date. We’re pretty positive most wedding suppliers will feel exactly the same.  You don’t need a reason or a question to contact us. We have no doubt that it will reassure you to know that those people you booked for your 2020 wedding, are still here and just as excited about your 2021 plans.

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Has your wedding always been booked in for 2021 or beyond and you don’t feel like you have been able to ask questions as 2020 couples should take priority? Well let us tell you that’s not the case!

Although you might still have plenty of time to go until your wedding, don’t worry that you should be taking a back seat and letting those who have had to postpone take priority.  It’s great of you to have been considering this, but we’re all here to help you as well!


Sure, 2020 has had its ups and down’s, but now is the time to get back on track, plan ahead and start to get excited again about your big day.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Birtsmorton Team xx


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