Dogs at weddings? We woof them!

If you’ve visited Birtsmorton Court lately, you’ve no doubt met Chip.  Giver of the warmest welcome and fan of a big stick, Chip is the Birtsmorton Court office dog.  This adorable Cocker Spaniel makes our already lovely jobs even more wonderful with his waggy tail, big brown eyes and loving personality.

To say that we’re dog people at Birtsmorton Court would be an understatement. As well as Chip, you might meet dogs belonging to the garden team and also the dogs who are lucky enough to call this beautiful venue their home.  Look out for a Westie puppy called Lettice, she might be small, but she sure is mighty!

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Having Chip here with us everyday is a great reminder of just how important it is for our couples to have their faithful companion share their big day with them. We know that for puppy parents, having your dog present when you say I do is just as important as having any other member of your family watching on. Birtsmorton Court is a dog-friendly venue, in fact we can’t get enough of your lovable companions no matter how big or small.  Over the past few years we’ve met so many beautiful dogs, all on their very best behaviour, who have gone above and beyond with their duty to make their parent’s wedding a day to remember. 

Dogs are welcome in all of the ceremony spaces at Birtsmorton Court, including our beautiful onsite church.  They can join you for your reception and stay overnight in the accommodation too. Whilst we do ask that they are kept on the lead around the Court, we are proud to announce that we will officially be opening our very own dog park within the grounds in time for this summer so that your dog can run and jump to his or her heart’s content. Chip has inspected the suggested area and has given it his paw of approval – and he can’t wait to see it in use, he might even join you if you want him too!

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It does go without saying that as much as we might love our furry friends, left to their own devices around all of your guests, a fancy venue, a very white dress, a big cake and no one watching, disaster could surely ensue, which is why it never hurts to think ahead.

With the help of our wedding day pet expert Chip, we have put together a check list to help you and your guest of honour have the best day possible…

So, if you are as excited to see your dog walking down the aisle as you are your future bride, then Birtsmorton Court might just be the venue for you!

If you have any questions about bringing your dog to your wedding, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us  on 01684 833 888.

We do ask that for viewings and meetings you leave your furry friends  at home, but we cannot wait to meet them on the day.


Written by Birtsmorton Court’s Wedding Co-Ordinator, Dawn Scipio

PS. it’s not just dogs that we’ve welcomed in the past… but that’s for another post!

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